Here is a sample of the ocean stories I've helped tell over the years.


An Integrated All-Atlantic Ocean Observing System in 2030

Throughout 2018-2019, I worked with the Atlantic Ocean Observing BluePrint team and GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel, Germany, to support their initiative to create a blueprint for an Integrated Atlantic Ocean Observing System in 2030.

I helped the BluePrint team, and brought in a graphic designer, to structure, edit and polish this peer-reviewed publication, An Integrated All-Atlantic Ocean Observing System in 2030, published in Frontiers in Marine Science in July, 2019. I also helped the team to create an accompanying brochure that clearly articulates the BluePrint’s goals.

Photo credit: Derek Roberts

Photo credit: Derek Roberts

Reports for Environment and climate change Canada (ECCC)

As a sub-contractor for Niva Inc., I attended day-long meetings, including an ECCC Best Brains Exchange on microplastics, and produced clear and easy-to-navigate reports based on the meetings’ key points and outcomes.

At the ECCC meetings and during report-writing, I communicated with the meetings’ facilitators and ECCC staff to ensure the final reports met ECCC’s goals.

About Niva Inc.: Niva is Canada’s leading firm for transforming complex subject matter into powerful communications that are clear, simple, and relevant to target audiences.


Ocean Frontier Institute Research Descriptions for web

For the Ocean Frontier Institute, Halifax, Nova Scotia, I developed descriptions of the Institute’s research programs. Using research proposals, I created engaging, easy-to-read web content destined for the public

For example, see the Ocean Frontier Institute’s, Auditing the Northwest Atlantic Carbon Sink.


Ocean Science in Canada: Meeting the Challenge, Seizing the Opportunity

I helped develop the report, Ocean Science in Canada: Meeting the Challenge, Seizing the Opportunity while working as an intern with the Council of Canadian Academies.

About the Council of Canadian Academies: The Council of Canadian Academies convenes the best experts in their respective fields to assess the evidence on complex scientific topics of public interest to inform decision-making in Canada.


Feature articles for industry magazines

For RBR Ltd., an Ottawa-based company that creates instruments to measure the blue planet, I developed feature-length articles destined for industry magazines. In this work, I consulted primary literature, and interviewed researchers and experts at RBR. I also created a series of feature articles, as well as news pieces and social media posts in support of RBR’s media strategy.

For example, a feature article, WHOI scientists partner with Rhode Island fishermen to understand rapid changes in Gulf Stream-dominated east coast shelf waters, was published, in 2017, in Marine Technology News, an ocean industry magazined, targeting ocean researchers and industry professionals.


Children’s novel: Oli’s Ocean Adventures

With a Ottawa Wavemakers microgrant from WWF-Canada and The HUB Ottawa, I wrote a children’s novel, Oli’s Ocean Adventures, that takes place on an ocean research vessel, to inspire children to connect with the oceans and help them learn about ocean health.

Oli’s Ocean Adventures description: A boy from Ottawa goes off in search of pirate ships and treasure, but instead finds adventure and friendship on a Canadian coastguard research vessel. Stowed aboard the CCGS Kellerman, Oli sails from the Atlantic, through the Northwest Passage of the Arctic and around to the Pacific, all the while helping the ship’s crew to complete its scientific mission. Oli’s Ocean Adventures is a story about a child’s discovery of Canada’s oceans and his connection to them.


Research news for MEOPAR, NCE

For MEOPAR, a Networks of Centres of Excellence of Canada, I produced news articles for the news section of the MEOPAR website. For this work, I interviewed researchers and students, and consulted primary research.

For example, MEOPAR research highlights vulnerability of NW Atlantic marine species to climate change, a news piece, was published on MEOPAR’s website in 2017.

About MEOPAR: Established in 2012, the Marine Environmental Observation Prediction and Response (MEOPAR) Network is supported by the Government of Canada through the federal Networks of Centres of Excellence Program. Strengthening Canadian resilience and economic opportunity in the changing marine environment.