Working with CarolAnne has been an absolute pleasure. In her time working with RBR, she has been reliable, easy to work with, and has always submitted her work in a timely manner. Her attention to detail is clear in her writing, as she is able to take in-depth interview pieces and turn them into compelling stories of successful instrument deployments, and unique applications. I highly recommend working with her. 
— Greg Johnson, President, RBR Ltd.
CarolAnne knows our audience and she knows the science. She has done a great job of helping produce descriptions of our various research modules for the OFI website.

CarolAnne, thanks so much for all your help and energetic outlook (and patience when I was up to my eye balls in alligators).
— Patti Lewis, Past Communications Manager, Ocean Frontier Institute
CarolAnne is my go-to freelancer for ocean writing. She is reliable, easy to communicate with, and creates clear and engaging content. She is constantly working to keep up-to-date about what’s happening in the ocean sciences field and to fine-tune her craft as a science writer. The articles CarolAnne wrote for MEOPAR, taking peer-reviewed research, conducting interviews and creating news articles, helped to highlight to stakeholders the importance of the work of network members.

— Janet Stalker, past Communications Manager at MEOPAR, a Canadian Network of Centres of Excellence, and current Program Director at Ocean School
We engaged CarolAnne to interview leaders of ocean networks and systems around the world and to put together a best practices document to inform the Atlantic Ocean Observing BluePrint – an all-Atlantic ocean observing system (AtlantOS) high-level strategy. With relatively little input, she structured the interviews very well and produced a very clear summary. We then asked CarolAnne to continue to support the creation of a white paper and brochure based on our vision for AtlantOS in 2030.

CarolAnne’s contributions were very helpful to us. She took bits and pieces, and the organized text she provided clarified the development of our ideas.

The final texts greatly benefited from CarolAnne’s input: the material she produced was just what we needed. CarolAnne drafted, edited, copyedited and advised, improving the clarity of our final documents. Her team included a graphic designer who produced high quality graphics for use in a brochure and the white paper that we produced.

CarolAnne provided us with clear text that represented our ideas, and she was always willing to do what needed to be done. The intersection of those two, a clear targeted focus and being adaptable as we kept, “moving about the goalpost”, were the most helpful things CarolAnne did for us.
— Brad deYoung Professor, Memorial University, Co-Chair, Atlantic Ocean Observing BluePrint “Developing an all-Atlantic ocean observing system (AtlantOS) high-level strategy